The best time for
digitalisation is: now!

Digitalisation of manufacturing systems

Start the digital transformation of your company! We provide a full range of services, comprehensive advice, ideally adapted software, PLCs, robotics and simulations. We help with implementation, ongoing operation and also take care of service and maintenance.

You will benefit from:

  • Increase in productivity

  • Cost saving

  • Greater operational safety by avoiding errors, failures, downtimes and the risk of accidents

  • Increased functional safety through documentation, testability, inspection accuracy

  • More flexibility



Our solutions in detail::


Innovations and new control systems are changing entire industries at a rapid pace. To keep you up to date, Scharf Automation will guide you safely through the world of digitalisation and offer you the following benefits:

  • Efficient training: As soon as the machine is ready, the machine operators will receive excellent training from us.

  • Expert know-how: You save on lengthy, expensive training for your staff and can get started straight away.

  • Digital twin: In addition, we offer virtual commissioning of the control system, which brings numerous advantages.

  • Many years of experience: We have been working for many years in the programming of controllers from different manufacturers – such as Siemens, Vipa, B&R and Beckhoff.



The use of industrial robots is essential in the digital age in order to achieve a clear competitive advantage. With the tools and strategies of Scharf Automation, you will always stay up-to-date and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Extensive know-how: We have worked with several robots from different manufacturers and know their peculiarities and requirements when it comes to programming and operation.

  • Off-line programming: We test the robot programs we create on a simulation. This means that the base program is ready before the machine, saving you time and increasing your safety.

  • Intensive consultation: Even the most modern robot cannot work perfectly when placed incorrectly. That’s why we find the optimal placement for your digital assistant with the help of simulation.

  • Many years of experience: Over the years, we have gained a lot of practice in programming and teaching robots from different manufacturers – such as Stäubli, Kuka, ABB and Mitsubishi.

Manufacturing system simulation and virtual commissioning

Digital manufacturing processes have the major advantage of being tested and simulated in advance. We create a so-called digital twin of the system in order to be able to correct all deviations and conflicts before commissioning.

You will benefit from:

  • Up to 80% time saved during commissioning
  • Testing without wasting time
  • Optimal processing from the very beginning
  • More flexibility during preparation
  • Full transparency for easier integration and communication of team members such as planners, technicians, fitters, supply partners (electronics, robotics, mechanics) and operations managers
  • The processes and the performance of subcontractors can be monitored from start to finish.
  • Highest functional reliability guaranteed by pre-tested, high software quality (testing by third parties possible at any time)

Our solutions in detail:


At the beginning of the planning and creation of the design plans, a virtual machine is developed on which all programs can be tested. The operation of the system is 100% simulated on this digital twin. With this approach, programming and assembly run in parallel, resulting in clear advantages:

  • Early detection: Collisions and cycle time deviations are detected and corrected ahead of time.

  • Time savings: The simulation shortens the development time many times over.

  • Quality advantage: The certainty of having a perfectly functioning machine right from the start increases.

  • Cost reduction: With the help of the simulation, downtimes are minimised and costs are reduced.

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