What drives us

Our vision

We aim to become the No. 1 technological player in the digitalisation of manufacturing equipment sector, as well as in contract and plastics processing. To achieve this, we pack 20 years of experience, ongoing training, cooperation with relevant companies and research institutions, and all our innovative spirit into every single project. Whether it is on a local or global scale.

Our mission

We help our customers to achieve operational success through smart digitalisation and intelligent control.

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction through smart digitalisation, automation and robotics

  • Increased productivity through intelligent simulation, control and documentation

  • Flexibility and security through outsourcing of production with the certainty of adherence to deadlines and quality

  • Simplification with a reliable comprehensive offer consisting of optimised consulting, conception, implementation, service, maintenance and documentation

Our history


Founding of Scharf Automation as a one-person company (OPC)

in the residential building in Eulenbach, with a wide range of programming services.


Launch of a second company

together with a partner – fab4minds Informationstechnik GmbH develops software for quality assurance and traceability of food. After a successful start, the shares were sold to the partner in 2017.


Purchase and renovation of a single-storey business premises

on the main square in Vitis (Lower Austria), after which it became the company’s headquarters for many years.


Scharf Automation is renamed as a GmbH (limited liability company)

employing 3 people at the beginning which soon grew to 9.


Purchase and occupation of a former industrial building

at Horner Straße 19 in Vitis. The new company headquarters not only houses offices and meeting rooms, but also provides space for manufacturing facilities for automation and control engineering, simulation and virtual commissioning, contract manufacturing of sealing foams, potting and bonding, and system engineering.

Our values


As a family business, we always work independently, rely on our traditions, use our innovation to drive digitalisation forward sustainably and reinforce our aspiration to be a leader in technology.


We always strive to deliver a high-quality and quantifiable performance for the benefit of customers, people and our company. Without losing our financial independence and regional ties.


Long-term planning and responsible conduct are the foundation of our success. Social responsibility, environmental and climate protection as well as a clear commitment to resource conservation and our region are an integral part of our corporate strategy.


We treat employees, partners, customers and all those indirectly affected by our actions with attentiveness, mindfulness and respect. After all, preserving quality of life and happiness is above all entrepreneurial goals.

Martin Scharf


Our family business focuses on you, the customer. My aim is to make everyday life easier with innovative and smart product solutions. Quality, service, high customer satisfaction and special customised solutions have been the hallmarks of our company for over a quarter of a century.

Maria Scharf


I aim to do my best for all of our customers, partners and our team. In our company, I strive to strengthen social responsibility and to make an appropriate contribution in the social and environmental field. My motto: “There is only one way to prove your ability and willingness: by doing”.

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